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Castrol Oil and Lubricants RockhamptonWhatever the application Castrol Oil and Lubricants has the product to meet your requirements. If you are looking for better performance from your vehicle, transport fleet, farm or mining machinery then Castrol have the product to suit. Castrol Oil and Lubricants understand that your business depends on top class oils and lubricants to keep your machinery moving. That’s why to Castrol it’s more than just oil, it’s liquid engineering.

Cruden’s stock the complete range of Castrol Oil and Lubricants to suit all applications, call now and enquire. Our service specialists will be only too happy to help.

We stock the following and more:

  • Tection HD
  • Hypuron
  • Enduron RX Super Engine Oil
  • Hyspin AWH Hydraulic Oils
  • EPX Gear Oils
  • TFC Transmission Oils
  • Greases & Detergents
  • Brake Fluids & Coolants
  • Agri Range Lubricants
  • Premium Cool PLus

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Castrol Hypuron
(replaces Enduron S)

A synthetic-fortified SAE 15W-40, CJ-4 heavy duty diesel (HDD) engine oil designed to provide superior performance and protection for the latest US EGR and non-EGR engines. Recommended for extended service intervals in long distance linehaul operations and other severe operating conditions.

Castrol Enduron
(replaces Enduron Euro 4)

For the latest low emission European trucks and buses, it contains lower levels of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur than conventional oils, ensuring excellent engine wear protection and bore polish control for Euro 4 and 5 engines. SAE 10W-40, ACEA E6,E7,E4

Castrol Tection Global ES

A superior quality SAE 15W-40 API CJ-4 multigrade diesel engine oil specially formulated to extend drain intervals and improve engine durability in the latest emission controlled heavy duty diesel engines to ADR80/03 specifications.
Ideal for severe applications.

Castrol RX Super

A low ash SAE 15W-40, API CI-4, diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet the needs of the latest American heavy duty diesel engines. It is also suitable for mixed fleet operations. Castrol RX Super provides excellent soot handling, oil consumption control and engine wear protection.

Castrol Tection HD

A superior quality 15W-40 diesel engine oil, exceeding API CI-4 Plus specification. It is suitable for most heavy duty diesel engines including all ADR80/01 and some ADR80/02 compliant US, European and Japanese models. Ideal for mixed fleets in high-load and extended drain applications.

Castrol Tection J-Max
(formerly J-Max)

A high ash SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet the needs of modern Japanese diesel engines. It is also suitable for older generation European diesel engines requiring MB 228.1 level technology. Not suitable for Detroit Diesel 2 cycle engines.

Castrol Diesel X

A mid ash SAE 15W-40, heavy duty engine oil meeting the requirements of API CI-4. It is recommended for Cummins, Mack, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel (4 cycle) heavy duty diesel engines. It may also be used wherever a mid ash SAE 15W-40 multigrade engine oil is required.

Castrol Tection
Medium Duty
(formerly CRF Multigrade)

An SAE 15W-40, API CG-4/SJ heavy duty diesel/petrol engine oil suitable for mixed fleet operation, including off-highway, heavy duty plant and equipment operators. It provides excellent engine durability, low oil consumption and long service life. Ideal for mixed diesel/petrol fleets.